the nugs big songbook for uke and ukulele tunes in northampton

The NUGs BIG Songbook

This is the book that has ALL of our songs - it's updated on a regular basis.

The NUGs Summer Songbook 2021

The Summertime songs are everyone's favourites. Ready for summer!

NMF 19 Songbook

As part of the Northampton Musical Festival this songbook was created.

Jim's BIG Uke Songbook

The world-famous Big Jim's 'Big Ukulele Song Book' is now available for uke players too!!

Jim's Xmas Songbook

Wow... a whopper of a songbook with loads of festive songs to pluck 'n' play.

Film Night


Scary goings on with the Nugs

Lockdown SongBook 2.
Xmas SongBook
Lockdown SongBook 3.
Lockdown SongBook 1.
Songs that didnt make it.