Eight Days a Week

Hope centre charity at Rushden Lakes .April 2024

Act Naturally

Harpole WI Xmas Party Dec 2023

Country Road

Grangewood Country Club Summer Party July 2023

Frosty the Snowman

Casuals Rugby Club xmas Party Dec 2022

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Xmas party at the Grangewood Club for the Rothersthorpe    WI.Dec 2022.


A blast from the past! Performing a cover of Lighthouse at the South Leicester Ukulele Group and Singers event

Little Talks

Considering this was recorded 5 years ago I reckon we’re just as good … enjoy and feel free to like, comment and share on Youtube.

Jingle Bells

One of our highlights during the year is to have the honour of performing our style of Christmas carols to the staff and patients at the NGH. Well, they are a ‘captive audience’. 😉

That's The Way

Our own Rob Minshull wrote and performed this lovely song. He’d appreciate your comments, likes and shares for sure.

We're The NUGs

Another talented member of The NUGs, Chris Street, put this tune together as a raw demo and everyone loved it. We hope you do too. If so please like, comment and share in Youtube 🙂