The team at The NUGs invite you to join them on Thursday evening @ 7.15 pm - see below


Ian along with fellow ukulele player Verity,  came up with the idea of meeting up with ‘like minded’ people who happen to either play the ukulele in Northampton or want to play in 2013 … famous for wearing shorts all year round!


Not long after Ian set up The NUGs he was joined by Mick; known for his energy and great choices in hats as well as his music connections in Northampton.


Yes,  it’s Wendy who pulls it all together ‘behind the scenes’ to keep The NUGs running smoothly ever since those heady days when she made sure we all had the correct sheet music!

Abington Bowls Club      Park Avenue south  Northampton

Abington Bowls Club

 We have a new venue, at The Abington Bowls Club. There is a lovely outdoor space for when the weather is good and we have use of the large room  when it isn’t so good. There will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of the room. Now we are back to meeting up regularly please come back and join us.

It would be great to connect


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