Playlist for Thursday 28th January 2016 – At the lamplighter

January 26, 2016 Gary 11 comments


First off welcome to all the new people we had come along last week it was good seeing you all, hope you enjoyed it and we will see you this week. I am putting together the new songbooks. Some songs have sadly made the leap across to the “Didn’t work for us” book, some have gone back into the work in progress, and some been promoted to the “Songbook”. Of course there will be new songs added with links to how to play them. As a taster we have Proud Mary, Freebird, If you wanna and Exs and Ohs added in already along with others. I now have a list of songs people have sent in to be tried out please let me know if you have any songs you think would work

The songlist this week has been carefully crafted and pieced together by Colin, after many hours of deliberation this is what came out. And it was a week I couldn’t be arsed πŸ™‚ Oh and we’ll be meeting at The Lamplighter Pub from 7:00 pm ish


Best Day of my Life

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Octopus’s Garden

Hey There Delilah

Don’t Marry Her

I Will Survive

Sunny Afternoon

I’m A Believer

I Wanna Be Like You

Tell Me Ma

Wild Rover

Whisky in the Jar

Love of the Common People (why did this disappear after 1 or 2 goes?)

Last requests

If anyone else wants a go at providing a list then have a look through the songbook and the work in progress book and make your selections, about 10 – 12 songs is good.

See you on Thursday

Ian & Mick

11 Comments on “Playlist for Thursday 28th January 2016 – At the lamplighter

  1. I like the layout of the blog part πŸ™‚

    New books should be ready after the weekend I hope, a few new songs and some old ones laid to rest

  2. Well done guys… Missed playing with all of you.

    I’ll try to come late after work, so that will be past 8…

    Happy strumming

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